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  • Ball Valves
    Ball Valves

    2.REDUCED BORE (1000/2000 PSI)
    3.Threaded: BSP. NPT. PT. DIN 259, 2999
    4.Thread Acc: ANSI B1.20.1
    5.Weld Acc: ANSI B 16.11
    6.Inspection standard: API598/DIN12266
    7.Materials: CF8M (SS316), CF8 (SS304)
    8.DIN 1.4408, SCS 14, WCB 1.0619 Available

  • Gate \Globe\Check Valves
    Gate \Globe\Check Valves

    1.Investment casting body
    2.Loose solid disc, integral seat
    3.Adjustable stem packing
    4.Non-rising stem and hand wheel    
    5.Working pressure 200 psi for W.O.G.
    6.Temperature range: -60 to 450 °F
    7.100% leakage tested at 100 psi air under water
    8.Hydrostatic test pressure: 300psi

  • Quick Coupling/Pipe Fittings
    Quick Coupling/Pipe Fittings

    1.Barrel Nipple
    2.Hexagon Cap
    3.Reduce Hexagon Nipple                 
    4.Hexagon Nipple
    5.Hexagon Plug
    6.Hexagon Bushing

  • Sanitary Valves
    Sanitary Valves

    1.Threaded butterfly valve
    2.Welded butterfly
    3.Quick-install butterfly valve
    4.Three-piece butterfly valve
    5.Sanitary diaphragm valve

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