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Three ball valve opening process and closing process

An open process
1 in the closed position, the sphere by the stem of the mechanical pressuring role, pressed on the valve seat.
2 Turn handwheel, stem the reverse movement, its angular plane at the bottom of the sphere disengaged seat.
3 stem continues to improve, and with the stem of the interaction of the guide pin of the spiral groove, so that the spheres begin to rotate without friction.
4 until to the fully open position, the valve stem upgrade to the limit position, the ball rotated to the open position.
Second, the closing process
1 is shut down, the clockwise rotation of the handwheel, stem began to decline and the sphere begins to rotate away from the seat.
2 continues to rotate the handwheel stem be embedded in its role of guide pins on the spiral groove, the stem and ball while rotating 90 °.
3 going off, three of the sphere of the ball valve in the case of no contact with the valve seat, is rotated 90 °.
4 hand wheel rotation the last few laps, the stem angular plane at the bottom of wedged mechanically to the oppression of the sphere, to close on the pressure in the valve seat, perfect seal.