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Two structural characteristics of the ball

1, open and close without friction. Piece ball valve completely solve the problem of the traditional sealed valve mutual friction between the sealing surface and affect. 

2, coat structure. Direct line inspection and maintenance of the valve in the pipe can effectively reduce device parking, and reduce costs.

3, a single-seat design. Eliminate abnormal pressure affect the use of safety valves in the cavity medium.

4, low torque design. Special structural design of the stem, just with a little hand valve can easily open and close.

5, the wedge-shaped sealing structure. The valve is the mechanical force rely on the stem, ball wedge pressure to seat the seal tightness of the valve is not affected by the pipeline pressure changes in a variety of conditions have a reliable sealing performance guarantee.

6, the sealing surface of the self-cleaning structure. When the sphere pour away from the seat, the fluid in the pipeline along the sphere sealing surface 360 ° uniform through not only the elimination of the high-speed fluid on the seat of local scour, also washed away the sealing surface accumulations, the purpose of self-cleaning .