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How to properly install a Y-shaped filter

Install a Y-shaped filter before carefully cleaned the surface of the threaded connection of all piping, pipe sealant or Teflon tape (PTFE) in moderation.
The end of the thread is not treated, to avoid sealant or Teflon tape into the piping system.
Y-type filter can be mounted horizontally or vertically downward. 1-1/4 "(DN32) or larger caliber socket welding filter or all D series filter is installed, should pay attention to the type of filter gasket is a non-metallic material, easy to damage due to overheating. Should therefore be welding time, shorten the Y-type filter and filter cooling after welding is completed.
Needs to warm up before welding or welding need to continue heating (D series filters), it is recommended to first remove the gasket reheating.